Navy Wants Lasers on Marines’ Trucks to Shoot Down Drones

Spencer Ackerman

Small spy drones beware: Navy geeks want the next gun mounted on a Marine Humvee to be a laser cannon, not this M-240G machine gun. Photo: U.S. Marine Corps

If there was any doubt that the military has new confidence in its forthcoming laser arsenal, the Navy’s top geeks want to outfit Marines with a laser cannon to shoot small drones out of the sky.

Specifically, the Office of Naval Research thinks that Marine air-ground task forces are too vulnerable to adversaries flying cheap, small spy drones overhead, like the four-pound Raven the Marines themselves used in Iraq. Its answer: outfit Marine ground vehicles with laser guns.



  • GuitarPunk_Jack

    Why is this under the Navy’s agenda and not that of the Marines?

    “Captain! Sir! Spy drones spotted in radar quadrant 3! Heading in our vector!” “Deploy the laser-equipped HMMNV vehicles.” “Code check we are in a ship on ocean, Sir.”