Mysterious Site Brings Internet Conspiracy Code Crackers Together

Mike Paczesny | The Rundown Live

(Note: As I was writing this article “S.O.S.” has been added to the homepage image.)

A mysterious website has appeared on the net, and is gaining a lot of attention on internet forums because of the content.

The website has a very mysterious vibe surrounding it, including creepy music with strange imagery, almost alien like at times. Some of the images are also very Masonic and contain religious symbolism, mixed with passwords and codes.

After doing some basic research, I discovered the internet has become very interested in this website, and a community of crackers/hackers/conspiracy theorists, have now bound together to crack the codes the site has to offer.

Hidden meanings, codes, symbolism, very strange at the least.

I haven’t figured out if this is marketing or just some coders game gone viral. But the symbolism makes me wonder what this site truly has to offer.

I’ll include the passwords I have personally acquired to make the process easier. Good Luck ;]

1. thebeginning

2. baphometparty

3. z6k4p7y9f1r0






  • Rick T

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  • sharon oliveria

    As I said did Not Go Ito Site Don’t Want to. It is Suppose to be Site For ELITE, when eyes Turn from green To RED! is A message to ELITE that they have 24 Hours to get to their UNDER GROUND LUSH BUNKER CITY’S that means something Big! Bad & Brutal is on the way, Nuke, Something From Space, M-Law, Riots of Unbelievable Size Coming Bug out, Hunker Down or Run In Jesus Name Be Safe

  • MGS

    Smoking cooked up crack rocks and Cannabis marijuana wakes people’s eyes up to the Illuminati’s secret plan of UFO technology.