Mummy Found in Northwest Indiana

Kristan T. Harris | The Rundown Live

mummy2A mummy was found in the township southeast of Lowell. The Lake County Sheriff says the mummy maybe 500-2,000 years old.

Employees working on a proposed quarry site unearthed the mummified body.

The Times of Northwest Indiana reports. “They could distinguish a head and a torso,” says a local sheriff. “It could be a Native American burial ground.” Because the remains appear to pre-date 1940, the coroner’s office and law enforcement won’t be involved in any criminal investigation; as the Times puts it, if a crime did occur, it’s likely “hundreds of years too late to do anything about it.”

Archaeologists hired by Cardno Environmental Consultation to search for pre-historic artifacts in order to approve the site for digging discovered the remains and contacted local authorities.

“I contacted and consulted with Dr. Krista Latham and Dr. Stephen Nawrocki, both board certified forensic anthropologists with University of Indianapolis, and together they determined the findings appear to be older than 1940, therefore neither the Lake County coroner’s office or criminal investigations will be involved in this case,” she said. “The artifacts found at the scene have been determined by the Cardno archaeologists at the scene to possibly be human remains but the exact age is still unknown at this time.”

Indiana state’s archaeology department is currently in charge of the investigation, Frey said.

The body was handed over to local authorities.

“We handed it over to DNR because it’s their bailiwick,” he said. “They took the remains, and they’re dealing with it now.”

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