Missouri Deploys National Guard to Ferguson

Kristan T. Harris | The Rundown Live

AP_FERGUSON9_140818_DG_4x3_992Missouri Governor Jay Nixon has ordered the National Guard to assist in restoring  peace in Ferguson, a St Louis Suburb.

The protests come after St Louis Police shot and killed 18 year old Michael Brown.

Witnesses say the teenager was non-violent and compliant at the time of the shooting.

The community responded by burning down a local gas station.

In the days following,  peaceful protesters and media where fired upon by the police with no justification.

The violence came after the police asked the media to “turn their camera’s off” multiple times.

Police used rubber bullets, tear gas, flash bang grenades and even set neighborhood yards on fire escalating the situation.

“This militarization of the police department with a heavy-handed presence in a very small city is adding more fuel to the fire,” political analyst Earl Ofari Hutchinson told Al Jazeera referencing to the St.Louis police crowd control tactics.

The police shut off the internet, issued a no fly zone and now initiated a curfew in Ferguson.

“Hours before a second night of curfew that came into effect at midnight, police drove into the protest area in armored vehicles and shot smoke canisters at a crowd of about 400 people, including watching media representatives. The protest had until then appeared to be peaceful.” Reports, Al Jazeera

“Everyone we talked to said they are completely fed up with the police attitude towards the community. They say they have experienced harassment by the police several times,”  said,  Al Jazeera reporter Rob Reynolds.

However, now outsiders are influencing violence and reeking havoc in Ferguson according to Highway Patrol in Missouri.

A  private autopsy, requested by Brown’s family, found that he was shot at least six times, the New York Times reported.