Mind Control Device Alters Emotions on Demand

Kristan T. Harris | The Rundown live

braincontrolMind control has been a topic of many great suspense and science fiction movies until recent. Now, an emotion altering device that will work in conjunction with a smart phone app is now being developed by Thync, and is slated for release to the public in  2015.

Thync announced on Oct. 8 that it’s raised $13 million from financial contributors to develop technology combining neuroscience and consumer electronics.

“This is an avenue for people to call up their best stuff on demand,” says Isy Goldwasser, Thync’s chief executive officer and co-founder. “It’s a way for us to overcome our basic limitation as people. It lets us call up our focus, our calm, and creativity when we need it.”

Thnyc’s website states having ” access to the human mind opens new possibilities for a more productive life.”. 

The company intends to build “wearable consumer products that use neurosignaling to shift your state of mind.”

Neurosignaling is a science that combines humans with technology and has a goal to perfect brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) in order to manipulate computer-controlled devices using the human brain.

The device uses electronic or ultrasonic waveforms to communicate with neural pathways in the brain. When specific areas are stimulated, they trigger a different emotion, state of mind or energy level.

Thync Vibes are intelligent waveforms delivered via neurosignaling. Vibes are targeted to specific neural pathways using advanced bio-materials engineered to achieve optimal results.

The Bluetooth-enabled neurosignaling device, along with the seductive, controversial proposition that customers can program their state of mind.

The developer touts the “wearable device enables you to shift your state of mind in minutes.”

“We created Thync to help people better access the power of their mind,�?said  Goldwasser in a press release. “We believe that when you conquer your mind, you can conquer your day.”

Thync’s wearable won’t just measure your mood, it will fix it as described by the creator.

Would humans be better off without emotions or do the feelings we experience help our future decision making?

Imagine if you could wash the feelings of guilt away with the press of a button…