Milwaukee to Host First Annual Paranormal Conference in 2015

Kristan T. Harris | The Rundown Live

The Rundown Live is an official sponsor of the Milwaukee Paranormal Conference 2015

MilwaukeeParanormal2Milwaukee will be host to a FREE paranormal conference at 12pm on Sunday June 6, 2015. The conference will host activists from around the United States who strive to define what science has trouble explaining.

Wisconsin is known for its abundance of paranormal activity and unexplained events. Some have been documented in a recent FOIA request titled, Project Blue Book, which was released earlier this year.

The gathering will be held at the “Irish Cultural & Heritage Center (2133 W. Wisconsin Ave.) in multiple halls. The Hallamor is the main hall of the center. The Paranormal Pub Series takes place in the lower level pub”, according to the press release.

The conference will offer more than just ghost hunters and paranormal investigators including information packed presentations on: cryptozoology (study of and search for legendary animals), disclosure (government and alien UFO’s), ufology and folklore.

For a full list of up to date guest’s and topics visit here:

  • Allison Jornlin    “Milwaukee Forteana”
  • Mark O’Connell  “High Strangeness in Wisconsin: Odd UFO Encounters in the Cheese State”
  • Marc Eaton          “The Scientist or the Sensitive? ”
  • Jim Sherman       “The Challenges Involved in Collecting Sasquatch Evidence”
  • Nicholas Roesler “UFO Secrecy, Black Projects, &the Road to Disclosure”
  • Noah Leigh           “Explanations for Common Reports of Paranormal Activity”  
  • J. Nathan Couch  “Goatman: Satyrs in America”
  • Tea Krulos             hosts the “Best Evidence Ever!” panel
  • Linda Godfrey      “American Monsters and Monsters of Wisconsin”  
  • Melissa Tanner    “Use of Response Techniques– Provoking vs Trigger Objects”
  • Donald R. Schmitt “The Evidence for the UFO Crash at Roswell”  

If you still are hungry for more education, fellowship and entertainment there are some exciting events happening post conference including Ghost-tours, a paranormal investigation and a after party at Shakers Cigar Bar for a small price.

Date: June 6th, 2015
Time: 12pm-7pm
Location: Irish Cultural & Heritage Center
2133 W Wisconsin Ave, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53233 (Get Directions)
Cost: FREE


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