Milwaukee Police May Allow Filming of Officers for a More Peaceful Wisconsin

Kristan T. Harris | The Rundown Live

cameraThe Milwaukee Police Department may implement a new policy in September that deals with recording police officers while on duty.

The policy will define when officers can be recorded and when they are allowed to prevent citizens from capturing footage.

Every member of the public  has a first amendment right to record the officer while they`re doing their job on the street,says Michael Tobin of the Fire and Police Commission.

An officer will only be able to confiscate a cell phone or arrest a person if they are interfering with their job.

The policy sets a pretty stringent standard for police officers,” says Tobin.

Historically police have not been friendly to people who attempt to film them while they are on duty.

However, things may be changing. A woman recently won a $57,000 settlement after being arrested for filming an officer when pulled over.

She was charged with obstructing a government official, and “unlawful interception of oral communications.”  reports RT.

“I`ve been told, you can`t record,” says local activist, Tory Lowe .

There are times, when those situations turn into confrontations.

They claim they`ll arrest you if you keep recording…a total violation of first amendment rights,” says Lowe.

Everybody has a cell phone, everybody has cameras, when you have evidence, you can`t beat the tape,” he expressed to Fox 6 news.

We can move forward and try to build a peaceful relationship between the people and the police,” says Tobin.