Milwaukee Cannabis Legalization Summit Brings People Together

Kristan T. Harris | The Rundown Live

The Greater Milwaukee Green Party hosted a bipartisan event at Linneman’s Pub in Milwaukee’s historic Riverwest neighborhood.  Speakers included representatives from NORML SE Wisconsin, Americans for Safe Access-Medical, Parents4Pot-Medical, and several local activists. The venue was left with standing room only which is no surprise since recent polls suggest Wisconsin is ready for COMPLETE legalization.

Microsoft Word - MLSP18Toplines.docxIn a statewide poll taken at the end of October  by the Marquette University Law School showed that 49.7 % of Wisconsin’s registered voters are ready for full legalization of cannabis with only 44.9 percent opposed and 4.7 unsure or felt they needed to be better educated.

Bunny Balk from the Wisconsin ASA made a compelling argument for medicinal purposes with good reasons. According to Dr. Robert Ramer and Dr. Burkhard Hinz of the University of Rostock in Germany medical marijuana can be an effective treatment for cancer. Their research was published and included in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute Advance Access on December 25th of 2007 in a paper entitled Inhibition of Cancer Cell Invasion by Cannabinoids via Increased Expression of Tissue Inhibitor of Matrix Metalloproteinases. The question was asked “if you would rather your child have non addictive medicinal marijuana or an addicting  drug such as vicodin, valium and oxy contin (heroin) which would you chose for your child?

This contradicts Scott Walker’s recent statement that Marijuana is a “Gateway drug” to heroin. This suggests that George W. Bush, Sarah PalinBill Clinton and Barrack Obama are potential heroin addicts since “they inhaled, that was the point”? You then have to ask if Scott Walker also thinks historical cannabis users such as George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Andrew Jackson and Abraham Lincoln would be heroin addicts in this day and age? How come they did not become opium addicts? This also shows that Scott Walker maybe be out of touch with young conservatives. The plea from local sheriff’s may be due to pressure of the prison industrial complex lobby of police unions, then putting pressure on police to express this point of view. Constitutional Sheriff Richard Mack said “the war on drugs is a failure” on The Rundown Live.


During the Q & A sessions surprisingly members of the Wisconsin Republican party, Democrat party, Green party and Libertarian party identified themselves and brought different view points in support of complete legalization. Libertarian and Libertarian Republicans present asked “how are more courts and more prisons conservative and limited government?”. We do not treat alcoholics in this way. Conservatives asked “how do mandates for 90% incarceration guarantee’s deliver an honest judiciary system?”. This puts pressure on judges to make an unethical decisions in order to fill prisons. Libertarians agreed that government should get out of our personal lives and allow people to start making decisions for themselves.

Constitutional Sheriff Richard Mack joined The Rundown live and said “prohibition” and  the “War on Drugs” is a failure.

South Milwaukee Republican Branch Chair and libertarian Mike Murphy spoke in favor of legalization of Marijuana on The Rundown Live as well.

Reverend Clenard Childress joined The Rundown Live and confirmed his thoughts that marijuana should be decriminalized.



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  • Great, we have a heroin epidemic and you want legalize the gateway drug. Not everyone that smokes pot goes on to coke, heroin etc. just as everyone that drinks water goes on to drink alcohol, but the definition of the two are different. You drink water cause you have to do so, you drink alcohol socially and some become alcoholics. You smoke pot to get high and that is why it can lead to heroin. Why do we have a heroin epidemic? Cause we have so much increased pot use. Different thought process. There is no need for Pot in medicine, we have far superior drugs.
    Want to see PATHETIC people, follow me around the nursing homes and see the people in their 40’s and 50’s that destroyed their lives with drugs.
    Bob Dohnal RPh, Publisher
    Wisconsin Conservative Digest

    • Sounds like someone loves big pharma, and is getting paid by big lobby (Wisconsin Conservatives LOL), dont worry Bob. We know you’re all frauds. Prohibition is coming to it’s end. Beware ALL STONERS WILL BE SHOOTING UP!!! OMGGGZ!!


    • You must forget everything you think you know about Cannabis. Then try again. Heroin is horrific and kills far too many each year. Opiate patients that were introduced to medical Cannabis were less reliant on their opiates. Resulting in less overdose deaths. You are holding on to ignorance taught through “Reefer Madness” . The gateway theory has been debunked numerous times by every aspect. The only thing that leads consumers to other harder more dangerous drugs like heroin is prohibition itself. Placing the consumers at the doorstep to every hard drug because it’s illegal and unregulated. Let’s move forward and realize the real issue at hand. Criminalizing health problems. Cannabis is an all natural herb. Virtually impossible to die from and has proven medicinal facts in US government patent #6630507.

  • By the way as far as some of you I am very happy cause you will help balance out the SS fund by paying in and never getting out. Yeah for you guys. Order your plot early.

    • FrankGuy

      Yeah because Cannabis kills. If you were to actually do research you would find people that smoke Cannabis live on average 6-8 years longer than those that do not. Ignorance kills more uninformed idiots due to not looking both ways before crossing the street. Wet’s outlaw crosswalks…How fuck!ng stupid?! Ignorance is one thing but you sir must be a paid shill or big pharma rep. Because your “publisher” title obviously was not a reward for your intelligence!

      • All of these lovely entries by the “potheads of Milwaukee” prove my point. Have a another drag, shoot up, buy your tombstone. Across the country millenials are celebrating your demise.

  • Bob donhal RPh, publisher. Wisconsin conservative digest: the people in those nursing homes, who had a hard life struggling with addiction arent PATHETIC, You dumb sorry mule. You want to talk about heroin addicts as if our own government has nothing to do with its production in Afghanistan, or as if the CIA has never been caught smuggling it in. Or tout “far superior” drugs around that has killed thousands while condemning a natural (measurably benifitial) herb that has never been fatal. you’re a shill and you’re full of shi*. As for the SSfund: fat chance. The devaluing of the dollar; the Privatizing of the prison system; and the persecution of sick people will be the end of your smug attitude and comfy lapdog life because a very real movement is taking place, sooner or later you’ll be singing a very different tune bob donhal RPh, publisher of Wisconsin conservative digest.

  • Hurry you guys, shoot up.

  • Kristan

    Bob, I see your website touts personal accountability. Which is what marijuana legalization is all about. I assume you like your Oxy Contin since your a pharmacist and i know way more pharmacists that ar heroin addicts than pot heads that are. (O). Are you on the heroin? We are here for real political debates not religious views. I am a born again christian however believe in full legalization. If you do not have credible studies or links your just spewing propaganda. Your website says its liberty, however your against legalization. We definitely would rather youth be given marijuana than Oxy Contin. Does Oxy Contin cure cancer? Just because you where taught something does not mean it is right. 🙂 Besides. I find majority of Tea party people side with us. We even have Tea party activists on our show! So unless you can bring a legitimate debate with facts please don’t ridicule. Ridicule is best defense for those not clever enough to defend their belief.

    • This is medicine, not politics. MJ has no value for use in cancer. Pot has little or no medicinal value in legit medicine. Have never heard any MD ever wish that he only could get some pot for this patient. Medicinal pot is a charade. Oxycontin is bad drug. Okay for pain but lots of problems. Over the last thousand years there have been all degrees of legalization of pot, opium products, cocaine and most of those experiments have turned out bad, that is why those societies have cracked down hard. All potheads do not go on to other drugs but all heroin addicts have used pot and it is a gateway drug. We have a heroin epidemic cause pot smoking is way up and oxy is not very available any more, heroin is cheap. The new makeup of oxy is a bitch to breakup. I have seen too many people in theii 40’s and 50’s that destroyed their lives to not speak up.

      • who told this guy and Scott Walker Heroin has anything at all to do with Pot…. first of all you sound moronic even making that association even with your so called expertise, OPIATE ADDICTS DO HEROIN, get in touch with reality, you are far off base


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