Militia Saves Life of Illegal Immigrant

Kristan T. Harris | The Rundown Live

blaneMilitia members Blaine Cooper and Manny E. Vega save the life of an illegal alien dying in the Arizona desert. The group is called Arizona Border Recon a non governmental organization.

The migrant told Blane and Manny that he is “Mario from Guatemala” and was “walking for 10 days and four days without water”.

The migrant also told militia members that the “cartels are going to kill him if he goes back to Mexico”. Mario suffered dehydration and was cramping through out the video.

In the video you can hear Blane Cooper call in medics for Mario and get him medical attention required. The militia provided food and water while transporting the migrant to assistance.

Blane Cooper is known for his confrontation with John Mccain at a town hall meeting where he said that he things the senator should be arrested for treason. Cooper was also part of the militia group that was involved in the “Bundy Ranch” incident.