Wisconsin Iron Mine Contractor Has Ties To Al-Qaeda And Bilderberg Group


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Kristan T. Harris | September 4, 2013 | 1:13 pm


A month or so back there was much conversation going on about the Penokee Iron mines. We wrote and talked about unlicensed G.I. Joe like security that was  in Wisconsin at the Iron Mines. This incident left many scratching their heads wondering  “Why do we need military like security at the mines?”  Let me help you connect the dots.

First I want you to know I do not have a problem with mining in most cases. The main reason being  Obama has been having  a discussion with Communist China called “resources for debt“. So you as an American Patriot are forbidden to drill or mine because according to our government that’s “bad for the environment”. They have a better Idea.  Lets give it to China for debt owed because China drilling is much better for the environment.  The government is the worst steward of the earth and is never held accountable like private businesses are. My thought is if anyone is going to mine our resources its going to be us.

So why the drug cartel like security? Well lets take a look at who received the mining contract. Chris Cline.

Wisconsin Democracy campaign website reported:

“Cline’s Foresight is part of the global  (globalization=standardization removes individualization) asset management firm Carlyle Group, a highly controversial and politically well-connected corporate behemoth with tentacles that reach across the defense, aerospace, automotive, energy, health care, real estate, technology, telecommunications and transportation industries. Carlyle Group first earned a mention on the Democracy Campaign’s website in a 2005 report we issued about shady Illinois donors who were funneling money to three candidates for governor in Wisconsin.” Fund all sides so they ALWAYS win.

The Carlyle Group is part of the Global Mafia syndicate called The Bilderberg Group.  The Bilderberg Group was created by former Nazi’s and recently has had members under investigation with links to financing Al Qaeda. It’s not bad enough Al Qaeda is on your tax dollar hacking Christians heads off in Syria they now have backing from individuals who are part of the most powerful group in the world. However, we still need drones, cameras on the street corners and the NSA reading our life stories to keep us safe from the Al Qaeda we fund.

So it turns out my concern about Cobra Commander hanging out at the mines is not the only issue but possibly one of national security.  Let me explain.

Pakistani Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz was involved with the globalists in prior ro 2007. Acting as a controlled asset. While he was  under investigation in insider trading over Texas asset deals and Al Qaeda money laundering operations, he was Citigroup’s Chairman a New York-based investment group operating in the top echelon of the financial world. Aziz spent approximately 30 years with the company.

Citigroup has  numerous Bilderberg ties, including notorious former chair Walter Bigelow Wriston . Former Citigroup Chairman & CEO John S. Reed was a Bilderberg member and we can’t forget Chairman of the New York Stock Exchange. Many other elite Citigroup executives on the Council on Foreign Relations,this includes CEO Charles Prince, former president & CEO Richard A. Freytag and Vice Chairman William R. Rhodes.

Citigroup birthed out of  National City Bank of New York, which was constructed by William Rockefeller, brother of John D. Rockefeller. William’s grandson James Stillman Rockefeller also headed the bank and worked closely with Walter B. Wriston. The Rockefeller Foundation helped found the German eugenics program and even funded the program that Josef Mengele worked  before he went to Auschwitz.  Rockefeller is a life time Bilderberg member.

Prime Minister Aziz also publicized his relationship with the Carlyle Group and plans for Pakistani investment while attending the 2007 Davos meeting. According to this report:

On the second day of Davos, Pakistani Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz told the group that the United States’ very own Carlyle Group, which “manages $46.9 billion worldwide,” is planning to invest several billion dollars in the Middle East.

The  Carlyle group is a Henry Kissinger Associate.  Dr. Henry Kissinger, who wrote: “Depopulation should be the highest priority of U.S. foreign policy towards the Third World.”  It does not surprise me he won a Nobel Peace prize. It use to mean something but nowadays these elite make up fake awards and give them to each other all the time to give the impression they are decent people. He wants to kill  everyone.  Just like Bill Gates (Funding Common Core) and Monsanto the GMO cancer king.

Every year these individuals attend illegal meetings under the Logan act called The Bilderberg Group meetings and Bohemian Grove .  Both are in violation of the Logan act which basically is true treason.  However many of the Bilderberg Members have amnesty in the United States such as the “Club of Rome” members. The club of Rome is near the top of the pyramid. If  you have 100 of the most powerful people in the world meeting you have hierarchy of power to control the meetings.

Whats even more funny is they use the DELPHI technique at their meetings which is a form of mind control as reported in Top Secret documents donated to Georgetown University upon death of an ex “Club of Rome” member.   Both republicans and democrats use the Delphi meeting form tactic today. This involves shill’s at tables sometimes paid by a business facilitation agency directing conversations and painting you like a radical if you suggest anything against one of their pre-approved outcomes.  The point being you have no real say. Just suggestions and observations. These type of meetings were used to trick home owners out of their property in the 1970’s.

 About the Carlyle Group:

Former president George H.W. Bush (Skull & Bones/Illuminati branch)  is a Carlyle adviser. Former British prime minister John Major heads its European arm. Former secretary of state James Baker is senior counselor, former White House budget chief Richard Darman is a partner, former SEC chairman Arthur Levitt is senior adviser — the list goes on. Those associations have brought Carlyle enormous success. The Washington-based merchant bank controls nearly $14 billion in investments, making it the largest private equity manager in the world. It buys and sells whole companies the way some firms trade shares of stock. But the connections also have cost Carlyle. It has developed a reputation as the CIA of the business world — omnipresent, powerful, a little sinister. Media outlets from the Village Voice to BusinessWeek have depicted Carlyle as manipulating the levers of government from shadowy back rooms. Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney (D-Ga.) even suggested that Carlyle’s and Bush’s ties to the Middle East made them somehow complicit in the Sept. 11 terror attacks.

It didn’t help that as the World Trade Center burned on Sept. 11, 2001, the news interrupted a Carlyle business conference at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel here attended by a brother of Osama bin Laden. Former president Bush, a fellow investor, had been with him at the conference the previous day. Bush[‘s] primary function is to give speeches for Carlyle that attract wealthy foreigners in places where the former president is especially revered, such as Asia. The company has rewarded its faithful with a 36 percent average annual rate of return.

We leaked a huge supply of  Bilderberg documents donated to Georgetown college after a former members death. The college knowingly allowed photos for use most likely thinking it was a conspiracy anyways to later call our leak and threaten legal action and forced them remove them from their site. However we still have them up for your viewing here.

You would think SCOTT WALKER a Pastors kid or a PK as we called them growing up would know better. Son of a reverend. If his father knew he was doing business with the devil he would be turning in his grave.  The New World Order and One World Government.  Most likely buttered up by globalists like Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan during the 2012 election. Does he know they are being Lobbied by foreign interests who invest in local companies to fund local campaigns who give two shit’s about America?  This is how you Usurp America.  I voted for Scott because he was the lesser of 2 evils. The more I think about it the more we need change. Would you reward your children for stealing the “Non-King-Sized” candy bar ?  We need transparency in what our government does. They have cameras on the street corners. They tell us If you see something , say something the truth is it’s unless it’s the “government doing something.”

In my research these elite actually pursue fulfilling bible prophecies  to try to jump-start the end times.  Because there are “to many people in the world”. The modern-day Christian no longer outraged by the idea of a New World Order has accepted the propaganda that “Its prophetic and its going to happen anyway”.  Prevention is now acceptance. If this train of mind is true why didn’t we just let the Nazi’s take over the world? I still pray for our leadership i suggest you do the same. Wake up Wisconsin. Get educated, educate others and peacefully get involved!

“Resistance to tyranny is obedience to God” ~ Thomas Jefferson



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