Militarized Police Becoming Norm in United States

Mike Paczesny | The Rundown Livetumblr_n06oz3haD51qzt7d8o1_500

Police forces are increasingly using military-style tactics to carry out routine operations.

SWAT teams and SWAT-style raids across the country have exponentially increased in the last few decades.

SWAT raids occur at an estimated 50,000 raids per year and a majority take place for low-level crimes.

In 1972, America conducted only a few hundred paramilitary drug raids a year. By the 1980’s, there were 3000 a year, by 2001, the annual count had skyrocketed to forty thousand.

One annual count of combat-style home raids hovers around eighty thousand.

Billions of federal dollars in Homeland Security grants and access to free military equipment through the Department of Defense for civilian law enforcement agencies.

Police SWAT teams were only used in extreme circumstances in the past, now, they are increasingly sent out to perform routine tasks.