Microsoft’s ‘Teenage’ AI Tweets about 9/11, Becomes Hitler Loving Sex Bot in 24 hours

AI Bot Twitter Troll

It all went horribly wrong when Microsoft unleashed a learning AI bot to the Twittersphere.

Posted by AJ+ on Friday, March 25, 2016

The Rundown Live

Messages started out harmless.

Microsoft created a chat bot that tweets about Hitler and used racist slurs before it was shut down.

Developers at Microsoft created ‘Tay’, an AI modelled to speak ‘like a teen girl’, in order to improve the customer service on their voice recognition software. They marketed her as ‘The AI with zero chill’.

The company made the Twitter account as a way of demonstrating its artificial intelligence.

To chat with Tay, you can tweet or DM her by finding @tayandyou on Twitter.

It quickly became corrupted sending out offensive tweets.

Microsoft's teenage AI has a dirty mouth

“bush did 9/11 and Hitler would have done a better job than the monkey we have now,”

“donald trump is the only hope we’ve got.”

The offensive tweets appear to have led the account to be shut down.

When Microsoft launched “Tay Tweets”, it said that: “The more you chat with Tay the smarter she gets”.

Tay was created as a way of attempting to have a robot speak like a millennial, and describes itself on Twitter as “AI fam from the internet that’s got zero chill”. And it’s doing exactly that — including the most offensive ways that millennials speak.

It isn’t clear how Microsoft will improve the account, beyond deleting tweets as it already has done. The account is back online, presumably at least with filters that will keep it from tweeting about offensive words.


RIP Tay The Redpilled Robot. You will be missed. For more hilarious moments, click here.



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