Microsoft Demonstrates Holographic Glasses

Kristan T. Harris | The Rundown Live

Today, Microsoft announced Project Hololens, an augmented reality user interface that will project virtual Reality (VR) all over your daily life.

Project Hololens uses holographic glasses to display images and allows powerful tools without the PC clutter. Microsoft suggests the product will be ready around the same time as Windows 10. As a Windows 10 device, the Hololens will also be able to perform any task that a Windows 10 PC or phone will be able to, so long as there’s some holomagic UI programmed in.

Microsoft also plans to revolutionize 3d printing with their new product as well. In the video, the glasses are demonstrated by creating a UFO themed Quad Rotor copter. These designs could then be printed quickly from the original design. Microsoft calls this process “build 3d in 3d” and hope to bring new technology to the table.

“H0lograms are like print preview for 3d printing”, said Microsoft’s Alex Kipman. “Now wouldn’t it be amazing if we could take Loraine’s creation and turn it into a real quad copter?… So we did.”

“This was made entirely in Holo-studio”, Alex claimed.