McDonald’s Employees Protest for $15/Hour Wages

“My heart says that McDonald’s is ethically obligated to help these people support themselves and their families. But my mind tells me that the fast-food chain is a business – not a welfare program – and that working there should be considered a summer job and not a lifelong career.”


Andrew Demeter is a young American political activist, amateur filmmaker, entrepreneur, journalist, and author. His documentary ‘We The People, Genetically-Modified?’ won first prize in C-SPAN’s 2014 StudentCam competition. To collect the award, he visited the United States Capitol in Washington D.C. where he met and questioned former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, on matters concerning the National Security Agency’s metadata collection. He recorded the short confrontation with his mobile phone, and the video subsequently went viral online. American radio host and documentary filmmaker Alex Jones has glorified Demeter as “a successful, young journalist…just by asking real questions!”.