March Against Monsanto | Feat. Blooded the Brave

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On Saturday May 25, 2013 people all over the world gathered together to “March Against Monsanto.” Recording & performing artist “Blooded the Brave,” came out to document the event which displayed the people’s clear opposition to Monsanto’s control & manipulation of our farms & food supply.

Our food is being genetically modified, turning plants, animals & people into science experiments for Monsanto & the Governments who support these practices.

In this video you will see some very inspiring folks explain why they came out to “March Against Monsanto,” along with a special performance from Blooded the Brave.

Special thanks goes out to all those who are, “Standing for Truth in a World of Deception.”

For more information look into Monsanto or join a local group for the next meet-up or march.

(Video Music by – (wormusic)
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