Many Arrested in Fast Food Workers Protest at McDonald’s HQ

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Over 100 protesters were arrested for criminal trespass to property after a rally outside of McDonald’s corporate headquarters in Oak Brook, Ill.

Approximately 1,500 protesters on 32 buses gathered at a rally for higher wages and the ability to form a union.

The protest comes just ahead of the annual shareholders meeting Thursday.

Protesters were met by police in riot gear and told to leave.

Police then took some workers into custody peacefully.

According to ABC7Chicago:

“As workers we went on strike, we’ve talked to other workers, we’ve had petition signings in our store, we’ve done all we can – plus meetings with general managers, We’ve done all that we can, so right now, my presence is saying that I’m taking that step further and to take it up a notch, because obviously what we’ve been doing is not enough.” said Janah Bailey, a McDonald’s employee.

Kendall Fells, a protest organizer said “McDonald’s is the leader in the industry; it’s the fastest growing industry in the country, And these workers are here to look shareholders in the face and say, ‘We do work for you, we are growing and we’re not going to live in poverty while you sit here and take home billions of dollars in profit.”

Early Wednesday, protest organizers changed the location of their demonstration after learning that McDonald’s cleared out the building where they had planned their actions. McDonald’s said it asked workers from that building to work from home due to its location in a high-traffic area, but that the rest of the campus remained open.

“We respect the right to protest, to peacefully protest. And I think that’s what you saw here today,” said Heidi Barker, McDonald’s spokesperson. “When it comes to the minimum wage, that’s a national discussion. It’s not a McDonald’s issue, it’s an economic issue. We’ll look to the folks in Washington to determine what happens.”

Protest organizers said they will be back Thursday morning at 7 a.m. for the shareholders meeting, which will go on as planned. The minimum wage issue is not on the agenda.

Police arrive at the McDonald's campus Wednesday in response to the protest.
Protesters outside of McDonald's headquarters in Oak Brook Wednesday.
Protesters at McDonald's headquarters in Oak Brook Wednesday rallying for higher wages.