Man Who Gave Out Free Money Detained in Mental Hospital

Abagail shows off the 5 dollar coins.

Mike Paczesny | The Rundown Live

Richard Wright was a man helping tons of locals and strangers in Canada, by handing out C$50 and C$100 bills.

Wright was giving cash to different people he encountered and asking that they, “thank God” for the gift and if they didn’t need the money, to pass it on to someone else.

Police were called to conduct a wellness check.

He was seen driving, officers stopped the man. They felt that Wright needed “further assessment by a medical health person.”

Attention was raised after Wright’s daughter, Chelsea, recently posted a photo of him and said that he had received “unfair” treatment by the hospital and the police.

Her father has not been allowed to leave the hospital despite insistence that he is had no mental-health issues.

Chelsea explained that her father worked hard to save money and when the family was on vacation, he simply decided to share “some extra money” with those in need.

Wright said in a report, “…a movement coming to take the wealth from the ‘one percent’ and distribute it to the people.

Questions were then raised about the mental-health of the man and if it was right to accept his money.

Bev Cadham of the Canadian Mental Health Association’s local branch,  said, “He’s a generous individual and is wrapped up in the acts of kindness, and is wanting to help people.”

His supporters have started the Facebook group, #OpFreeRichardWright, calling for his release.

Wright’s advocates say that the giving man handed out the money anonymously because he did not want attention for his random acts of kindness.

He was not arrested or charged because this is not a criminal act, but he is currently in the mental hospital against his will.