Man Salutes Nations Capitol and Sets Himself On Fire In Act Of Protest by Self-Immolation




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Kristan T. Harris | October 2nd, 2013 | 11:53 Am

A man saluted the Nations Capitol before deciding to set himself alight on Washington’s National Mall  according to the UK DailyMail.

83519Mr. Soto who saw the incident said “the man gave the Capitol building  a crisp military salute, before igniting the fuel with a lighter.”It is obvious that this was an act of political protest. The  “crisp salute” and location should be a clear indicaton that this was a demonstration. The Mall is a national park, making it one of the hundreds of  sites across the country that have been closed and being guarded with a “thug like” mentality.  The government is pushing the boundaries seeing If they are really in control of the American people . Testing and watching if the American people will listen to anything BIG GUV says no matter  how ludicrous.

The practice is also called bonzo because Buddhist monks self-immolated in protest of the Vietnamese regime in1963. Some believe the Western media coverage of the fiery Vietnamese suicides that introduced the word “self-immolation” to a wide English-speaking audience and gave it a strong association with fire.