Man Challenges Court Jurisdiction, Gets Held in Contempt with Force

Mike Paczesny | The Rundown Live

Scottie Hochstetter was a guest on The Rundown Live in early February when he informed us of his situation.

Basically, Scottie got into some trouble with marijuana cultivation in the state of Illinois.

This led to more trouble as you’d expect the police had been notified, under some form of ‘see something say something‘.

As he explained in our interview, the plants were outside and observed by a cable installer.

We discussed his actions and plans for his court appearance, which heavily leaned towards jury nullification at the time.

Months passed with a few extensions moving towards jury trial.

Scottie called in to give us an update on his new plans. (16:01)

As the trial approached Scottie abandoned his nullification stance, in an attempt to question jurisdiction of the court itself.

Familiarizing himself with law and the constitution Scottie was confident going into court.

We had discussed law and courts in both prior talks and Scottie had taken a mentor named Darren who also was confident in this stance.

A live stream of Scotties court appearance was made available.

As Scottie planned when his name was announced, he refused to identify himself or cross over the bar into the court.

The judge threatened Scottie, saying he had previously identified himself multiple times in the court since 2012 and would hold him in contempt for up to 180 days.

As bailiffs approach Scottie some sort of struggle takes place where Scottie can be heard yelling “I’m challenging jurisdiction!