Madison Wisconsin Bans Homeless From Nearly Entire Downtown Area

Kristan T. Harris | The Rundown Live

banned areaA 70 year old disabled homeless man was recently banned from most of the city of Madison, including the church where he attends and relies on for support.

70 year old Lawrence J. Woitkevich holds a map showing activist Miles Kristan where he is allowed to travel.

Local officials threw Woitkevich in jail and banned him from most of city after he was caught breaking up a fight.

“I broke up a fight. Some guy was bullying a friend of mine, and my friend was just to ready to fight back and I had to make him back off, and this guy is still trying to entice people into trouble”,  said Lawrence. “I’ve seen him do it before and so the police come along at the point where this guy is still threatening both of us and I am using this stick I am carrying to show him I will defend myself any damn way that I can because I am an old disabled guy. I convinced him, and along come the police at the same time and it looks like the guy who is antagonizing somebody with a stick.”

He now is facing 3 serious charges and is not just banned from state street, but most of the city of Madison.  As a result he is unable to get to his friends and local community who could provide him with shelter and a sleeping bag.

Lawrence believes the city is pushing the homeless out of the area stating they are creating an “entire area in which they don’t want to see homeless people.”

When Miles Kristan asked Woitkevich if he believes his rights are being violated he responded, “Aint no question about that.”

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