Los Angeles Airport Has Long History Of Breeding TSA Criminals


The Rundown Live | Kristan T. Harris

The LAX Airport has a long history of corrupt and criminal TSA agents. The program as a whole costs over 8 billion dollars a year. That is equivalent to half of what we budget for NASA. At one point the TSA had over 1,200 felons working for them according to ABC. These are the people who we pay to “keep us safe” from Al Qaeda. Lets not forget our government created and now admits to funding and directing Al Qaeda.

Tyrel Ventura of Buzzsaw News told us on The Rundown Live that on the 8th episode of Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura, that was not aired, he was able to get the developer of the TSA program to admit that most of the TSA security is theater. Ventura went on to say that the TSA program “Doesn’t really stop anything”. Could the TSA program be conditioning to get us use to having our freedoms violated? Is standing with your hands up  in surrender the image of a “Free American”?

Why is the TSA hiring felons? Chelsea Schilling from WND (World News Daily) did an exclusive piece about the practice of the TSA hiring people who have been convicted of crimes such as murder and drug smuggling although the TSA website has posted they do not hire felons.

Is LAX the best example of the TSA being a failure and pro actively violating  our liberties?

Here are a few cases of recent crimes involving LAX TSA workers.

Will the government use the LAX shooter incident to arm TSA agents?