Local Media to Attend Bitcoin MKE Meetup Group

Willwaukee | The Rundown Live

FOX 11, Local FOX affiliate in Green Bay, WI to attend the Bitcoin Milwaukee meetup tonight!

They’re coming all the way down from Green Bay to do a story on BitcoinMKE, our Milwaukee Area Bitcoin Meetup!

Actually, the last 2 weeks or so I’ve been inundated with requests from various media to do stories on bitcoin, our group, and our community outreach doings in and around Milwaukee. I read somewhere else on this sub that other folks are sensing a favorable tide change in the mainstream media coverage of our beloved bitcoin. I agree, and feel it first hand.

I had reached out to some local media outlets this past summer about doing a story on bitcoin and/or our group, and there were just a few nibbles and no bites. But things have changed of late. These outlets and journalists are much more friendly to the idea of bitcoin itself, as well as the positive social implications it will surely bring. Very encouraging.

I’ll be sure to link the content of the various stories that are produced in the coming days, so keep an eye out.