Let’s all Pull Together: Team of µTug Microrobots Pulls a Car

Not only are ants impressively strong, they are also amazing team players. This research inspired by such teamwork examples how the ways that microrobots move effects their ability to work in teams. With careful consideration to robot gait, we demonstrate a team of 6 super strong microTug microrobots (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_rWuUUGWAp4) weighing 100 grams pulling the author’s unmodified 3900lb (1800kg) car on polished concrete.

Based on research published in Robotics and Automation Letters and to be presented at ICRA 2016 found here:

Ant chain pulling millipede video reproduced with gracious permission from Stéphane De Greef. Original found at:

Music: Path to Follow by Jingle Punks, Available: