Lawsuit Filed Against San Diego Police Department Over “Stingray” Records


Kristan T. Harris | The Rundown Live

A lawsuit has been filed against the San Diego Police Department (SDPD) for refusing to release data collected on local citizens using military equipment acquired by local police through the 1033 program,  called “Stingray“.

Stingray is a brand name for IMSI-Catcher devices constructed by the Harris Corporation. These suitcase sized machines suck all your cell phone and computer data out of the air and delivers it neatly to local authorities. This includes social media information, texts and cell phone conversations.

California’s First Amendment Coalition(FAC), the group responsible for the lawsuit, first filed a public records request October 8th, but like countless others was denied access to the information.

facvsdpd-2014-12-15-petition-with-exhibits-13Peter Sheer, Executive Director of FAC, filed public records request and sought:

1) Records pertaining to the police departments possession and use of a cellular phone surveillance device manufactured by Harris Corp. and referred to as C (International Mobile Subscriber Identity) or Stingray. These records should include:

(a) emails,purchasing orders,receipts, grant applications and training materials: and[sic]

b) documents sufficient to show guidelines, procedures, or restrictions on the San Diego Police Department’s use of the device:

c) for the past six months, copies of any declarations/affidavits, motions, forms or other legal documents submitted for use of the device.

According to the litigation filed by the FAC, California Public Records Act (CPRA) Liaison Jericho Salvador responded to the public records request by claiming “the information is exempt from disclosure pursuant to Section 6254(f).” Alternatively, Mr Salvador claimed that “The information is exempt from disclosure pursuant to section 1040.”

Now Sheer is pursuing the records in court and will try to force authorities to comply with the California Public Records Act.

What’s in your local police departments stingray records?