LAPD further explores “untapped potential” of predictive policing

Shepard Ambellas | INTELLIHUB

The LAPD is now using helicopters to overfly the city daily, stopping crime before it starts with the department’s controversial “predictive policing” model. An advanced high-tech system that literally, using data and algorithm factors, predicts where crime is most likely to occur next.

According to Cmdr. Sean Malinowski, who helped create the model, predictive policing has vast “untapped potential” and will be the way of the future as statistics dating back to 2012 already show a decrease in city crime on days predictive policing and helicopter overflights were fully operational.

Imagine in the not so distant future drones will replace helicopters in most cases, primarily for expense and maneuverability reasons. Hives; i.e. bases, for the drones, will eventually be placed throughout the city. Police drones will eventually become autonomous.

Meanwhile, here in 2015, the LAPD Air Support Unit will continue to test and better get used to their ever-changing predictive policing technologies after the program has already made a difference. Tying the data to computers in patrol cars, PDAs carried by police officers, and helicopters aloft above the city, “boxes”, “hot spots” or “areas of interest” are formed which are then digitally generated in map form on the device. These maps are known as “heat maps”.

Police can then focus their patrol efforts on these “boxes” where a computer has already predicted a higher probability for a crime to occur, further bringing us into the world of “1984″ and beyond.

I myself can see how they would use such technology and machinery to condition the general public that we are always being watched. It’s what they want us to all think.

Just like the TV show Cops always ended with the bad guy getting caught, it was edited that way for a reason. They didn’t want you to see the other countless encounters where all of the criminals got away. They cast doubt into your mind–letting you subconsciously know that there is no way to escape the police. It’s a form of programming and it’s all part of what the LAPD calls “preventable law enforcement”.


LAPD uses its helicopters to stop crimes before they start — LA Times

LAPD Uses Its Helicopters to Stop Crimes Before They Start —

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