Korn Frontman Jonathan Davis on 2016 Candidates, “They all suck” Except “Rand Paul”

Mike Paczesny | The Rundown Live

In a Death and Taxes interview Jonathan Davis the lead man for the band KoRn made his feelings known about the 2016 Presidential candidates and politics in general.

“They all suck. The fucking candidates, they all suck. Why can’t there be anybody good?, …I just want the America I had as a kid growing up, and it’s not that no more.”

“I like Rand Paul, but that’s never gonna happen….”

“Ron Paul should have been president, but that would have never happened.”

“I believe presidents are chosen, not elected. Why every is president fucking related? You tell me that. No little guy is gonna make it, It’s all so corrupt.” Davis said.

Davis also was asked if he would run for president,

“No, I don’t want that job.” “Look at Obama. He’s like aged 50 years. Every president when they get that job, look at them from when they started to when they ended.”

“It’s gotta be hell,” Davis said.

(From 2012)

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