Kim Jong-un declares ‘all-out war’ against his enemies

DERANGED despot Kim Jong-Un declared “all-out war” on his enemies today after the United Nations imposed tough new sanctions on nuclear-armed North Korea.

Last night North Korea has scrapped all peace pacts with South Korea and severed its HOTLINE to the country in retaliation to the latest round of UN sanctions.

State media released pictures of Kim meeting troops on islands believed to be in the east of the country as he issued his stark declaration.

The news agency KCNA said he talked of “all-out war” during the visit – and told troops to “make the first gunfire” in response to any attack.

The regime also pulled out of the armistice which ended the Korean War and shut its shared border point with the South following yesterday’s sanctions punishing Pyongyang for its nuclear test last month.


North Koreans attend a rally in Pyongyang today

Masses … North Koreans attend a rally in Pyongyang today

He said the slightest provocation would result in his immediate order for a “great advance” along the frontline into US-backed South Korea.

The UN sanctions, which aim to curtail the country’s nuclear and missile programme, include financial restraints and a crackdown on attempts to ship and receive banned cargo.

The dramatic development comes after tyrant Kim Jong-un sensationally vowed to launch a nuclear attack on the USA.

The pugnacious despot today visited front-line military units involved in the shelling of a South Korean island in 2010, urging soldiers to keep themselves ready to “annihilate the enemy”.

South Korea’s president branded the security situation “very grave” and promised to “deal strongly” with the North’s provocation.

NORTH Korean leader Kim Jong-Un meets troops during frontline tour as tensions with South rise


Kim Jong-un visits front-line military units today

Belligerent … Kim Jong-un visits front-line military units today

President Park Geun-hye said she would only be ready to talk to Pyongyang once it “comes out on the path toward change”.

The South’s defence ministry spokesman warned that the North would become “extinct from the Earth by the will of mankind” if it carried out a nuclear attack.

North Korea announced it was cancelling all non-aggression pacts with the South as it closed the main Panmunjom border crossing inside the Demilitarized Zone.

It also said it would cut off the North-South hotline “immediately”, saying there was “nothing to talk to the puppet group of traitors about”.


The main Panmunjom border crossing has been closed

DMZ … the main Panmunjom border crossing has been closed


South Korean soldiers patrol along a barbed-wire fence in the DMZ

Patrol … South Korean soldiers patrol along a barbed-wire fence in the DMZ

The hotline, installed in 1971, was intended as a means of direct communication at a time of high tension.

North Korea’s foreign ministry spokesman yesterday said: “Since the United States is about to ignite a nuclear war, we will be exercising our right to pre-emptive nuclear attack against the headquarters of the aggressor in order to protect our supreme interest.”

However experts doubt the country’s ability to produce a warhead capable of being fitted to a long-range missile.

Reports said the North is apparently trying to build a sense of crisis domestically, with a large rally staged in the capital today and public transport draped in camouflage.


North Korea tested missile last year

Blast off … North Korea tested missile last year

Earlier, the UN Security Council unanimously backed a fourth set of sanctions targeting North Korean diplomats, cash transfers and access to luxury goods, as well as imposing asset freezes and travel bans on three individuals and two firms linked to the North Korean military.

Last month, the world was put on high alert when North Korea carried out its biggest nuclear blast yet.

The giant underground explosion in the remote, north-east of the country caused an earthquake with a magnitude of 4.9.




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