“Just Ask” Encourages Parents to Ask if You Own a Firearm


Mike Paczesny | The Rundown Live

Just Ask.” Is about asking parents about their neighbors, where there kids play, and most importantly is there a gun in the house?

Washington Ceasefire spent over $10,000 on a series of billboardsParentMap announced it the most aggressive anti-gun campaign in their history.

Ceasefire claims a person is 22 times more likely to shoot a friend or family member than an intruder if they have a gun in the house.

ASK was created in collaboration with the American Academy of PediatricsDoctors for America, also has come out with an anti-gun stance.

We’re starting a conversation,” said Washington Ceasefire president Ralph Fascitelli. “We’re starting a cultural shift, just like they did with smoking.”

The second part of their campaign is to tell people, ‘Don’t send kids to people’s houses that have guns,'” said Alan Gottlieb, founder of the Bellevue-based Second Amendment Foundation. “They want to demonize gun owners so their kids can’t play with our kids.

If the answer is “yes“, parents are encouraged to follow up and ask if the guns are stored locked and unloaded. If that answer is “no,” then invite the kids over to play at your house.

Notes: The American Academy of Pediatrics also founded the Child Identification programs sponsored by the Masons and Clear Channel Int.

This program gathers saliva samples for DNA fingerprinting, videos, tooth prints, and fingerprints, known now as Masonichip.

Clear Channel was purchased by Bain Capital in  2008, through its subsidiary, Premiere Radio Networks, auditions and hires actors to call in to talk radio shows and pose as listeners in order to provide shows, carried by Clear Channel and other broadcasters, with planned content in the form of stories and opinions. The custom caller service provided by Premiere Radio assures its clients they won’t hear the same actor’s voice for at least two months in order to appear authentic to listeners who might otherwise catch on.





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  • Kerry

    The question is OK as far as it goes. But there are so many other more common hazards. If “Just Ask” also advocates asking about such things as existence and storage of chemicals, matches, flammables, etc., then they have a credible case that their cause is child safety. But if this is the ONLY question they’re advocating, then their cause is something else entirely, hiding behind the skirts of the child safety issue.