Judge Texted Prosecution On How To Conquer Defendants, Resigns



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Kristan T. Harris | October 29, 2013

Are 90% incarceration mandates forcing judges to make biased decisions to fill prisons?

An East Texas state district judge has resigned after allegations that she used her cell phone to dispatch text messages to help the prosecutor. Accusations also arouse  concerning a prejudice against select attorneys and even meeting with jurors who were considering criminal trials.

TreasonousDid former Judge Elizabeth E. Coker receive benefits or currency in exchanged for a  promised victory and instructions?

Coker supervised transactions in multiple counties including Polk, San Jacinto and Trinity. The commission says Coker sent texts to prosecutors to help them build an advantage against a man on trial for injuring a child.

Coker was to send a formal letter of her resignation to 2012 presidential candidate Rick Perry who was made a fool of by Ron Paul in an early presidential primary debate. .

The decision comes in rouse of a new investigation where it became transparent that Coker texted instructions from the bench to a Polk County Assistant District Attorney who was assisting in the prosecution during a court case.
The Montgomery Department Police Reporter posted:


“…the Commission investigated claims that Judge Coker allegedly engaged in other improper ex parte communications and meetings with Jones, other members or the Polk County District Attorney’s Office, the San Jacinto County District Attorney, and certain defense attorneys regarding various cases pending in her court; Judge Coker allegedly exhibited a bias in favor of certain attorneys and a prejudice against others in both her judicial rulings and her court appointments: and .Judge Coker allegedly met with jurors in an inappropriate manner, outside the presence of counsel, while the jurors were deliberating in one or more criminal trials;”


The agreement, signed by Coker on October 19, further suggests the Committee believes she committed additional indiscretions during the course of their highly publicized investigation.

“…the Commission also expressed concerns that Judge Coker discussed the Commission’s investigation and Judge Coker’s written responses to the investigation with a material witness prior to that witness’ testimony before the Commission in an apparent attempt to influence that witness, and that the judge may not have been candid and truthful in her testimony before the Commission when questioned about her contact with the witness;”


Do you think she is the only judge partaking in these kind of actions and how do we overcome this obstacle?