Judge Napolitano: Rand Paul Broadening His Base, Every Bit as Libertarian as His Father

Kristan T. Harris | The Rundown Live

Judge Andrew Napolitano joined the Anarchast show and was questioned about his thoughts on presidential candidate Rand Paul’s lack of Libertarian principle.  Recent concerns over statements on drones and his flip-flopping on the drug war has many devout libertarians and lovers of freedom concerned.

“Let me ask you about Rand Paul which you brought up”, prodded Anarchast host Jeff Berwick. “There is a conversation going on in the Libertarian community right now about is he as libertarian as his father.” “Whats your take on Rand Paul versus Ron Paul?”

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The Senior Judicial Analyst for Fox News gave his insight on what he believes is Rand Paul massaging his message to broaden his appeal to conservatives or in other words, just playing politics.

“I think that Rand Paul is every bit as libertarian as his father. I think he has a way of expressing things as a way to broaden his base. His father as you know ran for president as a libertarian… as the nominee of the Libertarian party and also ran for the Republican nomination for president twice. His father did not choose to broaden his appeal by broadening his base, Senator Paul has done that”, responded Judge Napolitano.

Napolitano continued, “Having said that, there are some things he has said recently that cannot be defended from a libertarian point of view. Make no pretense about it…but I believe he has said those things in a heat of a Republican primary where his audience is primarily conservative republican, and not libertarian. But I am satisfied to the core of my being that if he were elected president he would govern the same way his father would. With the same deep profound fidelity to profound principles of liberty that you and I have Jeff and most people listening to us now. “

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