John McCain Admits CIA ‘flying plane after plane full of weapons’ to Syria


Mike Paczesny

Sen. John McCain talks to CNN’s Piers Morgan about the situation in Syria and in Congress. Pay attention to John McCain’s very last statement when asked about the CIA supplying arms to Syrian Rebels. He goes on to say “their flying in plane load after plane load of weapons, which have already killed 100,000, not 1,000, but 100,000 Syrians, leaving the opposition out to dry” after this statement the corporate shill Morgan tries to white-wash McCain’s statement by rephrasing it and having McCain answer that the CIA doesn’t ship weapons, because McCain say’s “It’s not true.” “…second of all what they’re giving isn’t the kind of weapons they need

Well I’d say that was a lie, being that you just admitted the CIA’s running the guns, but we already knew that, thanks for the evidence though!