John Galt Shrugs, Uses Welfare to Control Precariat

What do socialist utopians have in common with Bilderberg globalists, banksters and “free-market” think tanks? They both embrace welfare as a tool of social control as technology threatens 95% of jobs.

It’s not just Bilderberg that’s worried about the anger of those whose lives are being destroyed by globalism — the precarious proletariat or PRECARIAT. Neo-Marxists are joining with Wall Street capitalists and singularity futurists to push a Universal Basic Income (UBI) as a means of turning public anger to passivity.

Economist & libertarian policy wonk Charles Murray, who wrote the landmark book, “Losing Ground”, that showed welfare creates dependency on the state, is now pushing UBI along with his employer, the American Enterprise Institute (Koch Brothers). Conservative publications like Wall Street Journal and Forbes are also embracing the socialist utopian ideal of universal guaranteed income. The lie that is sold to us as the false dichotomy of the left/right paradigm has never been more obvious. Will you sell your freedom and dignity?

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