Jim Vieira and Hugh Newman to Publish Book on Giants, New Anime Series to Search for Giants

Kristan T. Harris | The Rundown Live

jimI just received an email from Jim Vieira of History Channel’s “Search of the Lost Giants” program. In our conversation Jim mentioned he is currently working on a book with Hugh Newman on giant human skeletons.

“Hugh and I are finally finishing up our book after working on it for a long time”

Jim is writer for Ancient American magazine and a professional stone mason who has facilitated an executive style presentation on giant human skeletons in front of a TEDx conference.  He later intrigued History channel who followed him in his adventures around the United States searching for evidence of a giant human race.

hughHugh Newman is an author, world explorer and a Megalithomaniac. He has appeared on BBC TV, Sky Channel 200, Bosnian TV and the History Channel’s last four seasons of ‘Ancient Aliens’, and recently appeared in ‘Search for the Lost Giants’ with Jim.

The book should be interesting and I am interested to see what new evidence they have unearthed.

On the subject of Giants, a new anime series titled The Grigori Anime will launch soon according to creator and writer Julius Thompson who has reached out to me. The anime will search for lost giant human skeletons while depicting and exposing the history of earth as told in the Books of Enoch.

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