Jam Band Legends Phish Sing About Chemtrails on New Track Blaze On

Kristan T. Harris | The Rundown Live

Jam band legends Phish have incorporated the controversial term chemtrails in a new tune, Blaze On, which incorporates a variety of messages. The term can be found within the first verse of the track at :58 seconds.

“you never get too sad, you never get too blue
it must be all the chemtrails raining down on you
the justice of the peace can’t help you anymore
and they just took the covers off the justice of war”

Whether a clever rhyme or esoteric meaning, the term chemtrails refers to a corporate conspiracy that contrails are not dissipating, but however are constructing clouds as a form of geoengineering. Some experts believe companies are including additives to the fuel to accomplish this task and it is causing locals to get sick.

There have even been hearings in California over these health risks.

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