iSpy: The NSA’s Transparent Flake of Snow(den)


In mid-June, 30-year-old Edward Snowden — then-NSA contractor employed at Booz Allen Hamilton — leaked publications on NSA data mining programs to the UK’s Guardian newspaper. Labeled ‘PRISM’, these cloak-and-dagger activities were – and still are! – designed to harbor and surveil American digital communications in realtime. Subsequent to verbal onslaught by American officials, Snowden fled the States for Hong Kong to evade U.S. prosecution. Then bullied by a 1996 extradition treaty between the U.S. and Hong Kong, Russian diplomats within the Kremlin assuaged Snowden by vowing him political asylum. Presently en route to an unnamed nation, purportedly Iceland, Ecuador, or Cuba via Moscow, Snowden is under fire by the American government for nothing more than violating a nondisclosure agreement and giving credence to federal liability. Snowden is a hero, a willing martyr for truth and justice, for disclosing illegitimate government operations despite deserting his six-figure annual paycheck, girlfriend, and residence in Hawaii.

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