Is Your Trash Man an Agent of the State? Soon License Plate Readers Could Be on Garbage Trucks

Mike Paczesny | The Rundown Live

If the surveillance state isn’t bad enough, soon garbage trucks could have plate readers to track your movements.

San Jose, California – The city of San Jose is suggesting it wants to deputize garbage trucks to be an additional tool in its ongoing surveillance.

The proposal which is rumored to have been suggested by the police captain calls for city officials to explore the “feasibility, legality and civil liberties implications” of garbage-truck mounted license plate readers.

According to the San Jose Mercury News:

Mayor Sam Liccardo and Councilmen Johnny Khamis and Raul Peralez proposed that the city consider strapping license plate readers to the front of garbage trucks, allowing them to record the plates of every car along their routes. The data would be fed directly to the Police Department from the privately operated trash trucks, prompting an officer to respond to stolen vehicles or cars involved with serious crime.

“We can cover every street at least once a week and possibly deter thieves from coming into our city,” said Councilman Johnny Khamis.

The city could become the first in the country to expand the law enforcement tool to another public entity besides parking enforcement.

Councilman Chappie Jones was highly opposed to the policy, comparing it to “Big Brother” government of George Orwell’s dystopian 1949 novel “1984.”

Councilman Khamis went on to say mounting these devices to garbage trucks isn’t any worse than whats already taking place. “This is a public street, You’re not expecting privacy on a public street.”

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