Is Russia Threatening The World’s Internet Access?

Why The Power Of The Internet Lives On The Ocean Floor

Hundreds of cables line the ocean floor and carry 99% of international communications. So what would happen if Russia cut these cables?

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Submarine Cable Map

Analyzing the Internet Collapse
“Multiple fiber cuts to undersea cables show the fragility of the Internet at its choke points.”

Undersea Cables Transport 99 Percent of International Data
“The vast network at the bottom of the ocean has also been the epicenter of international intrigue for decades.”

9 things you didn’t know about Google’s undersea cable
“Undersea cables carry virtually all transoceanic Internet data these days, replacing satellites as the preferred medium. ”

How one clumsy ship cut off the web for 75 million people
“A flotilla of ships may have been dispatched to reinstate the broken submarine cable that has left the Middle East and India struggling to communicate with the rest of the world, but it took just one vessel to inflict the damage that brought down the internet for millions.”

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