Is Japan Trying To Hide Its War Crimes?

How Japan Forced Women Into Sexual Slavery –

During WW2, Japan committed war crimes, yet many Japanese do not see it that way. So, is Japan trying to hide its war crimes?

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Japan revisionists deny WW2 sex slave atrocities
“Seventy years after the end of World War Two, the voices of revisionism in Japan are growing stronger and moving into the mainstream, particularly on the issue of comfort women, who were women forced to be sex slaves for Japanese soldiers during the war.”

Why Japan Is Still Not Sorry Enough
“Keen observers know that Japan’s ugly territorial disputes with its neighbors aren’t really about fishing grounds or oil and gas reserves or ancient historical claims.”

Unit 731
“Most of us heard about the horrible experiments on humans of the Nazis done by doctor Mengele.”

U.S. Publisher rebuffs Japan on ‘Comfort Women’ Revision
“A major U.S. publishing company rejected a request by the Japanese government to change passages in a history textbook about women who were forced to serve in Japanese military brothels during World War II.”

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