Is Firing Squad More Ethical Than Lethal Injection?


Since the botched Oklahoma execution, states have been scrambling to find a humane and efficient execution method. So what is the most humane method of execution?

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The possible pain experienced during execution by different methods

Drug Halt Hinders Executions in the U.S.

“The sole U.S. maker of a key drug used in lethal injections halted its production amid a broad global campaign by opponents of the death penalty, a decision likely to cause a substantial delay in many executions across the country.”

America’s ‘inexorably’ botched executions

“If there seem to have been a lot of botched executions in the US recently, there have.”

Report of the Royal Commission on Capital Punishment (1949-1953): A Review

“Retention of capital punishment posited in the Royal Warrant 2 circumscribed the Commissioners’ inquiry.”

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Is Our Execution Method Cruel and Unusual?

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