Iran’s Fight For Nuclear Power


For the last fifty years, Iran and the US have been fighting over the issue of Iran’s nuclear capability. So what does this relationship look like?

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Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons
“The states concluding this Treaty, hereinafter to as the ‘Parties to the Treaty.'”

Obama Order Sped Up Wave of Cyberattacks Against Iran
“From his first months in office, President Obama secretly ordered increasingly sophisticated attacks on the computer systems that run Iran’s main nuclear enrichment facilities, significantly expanding America’s first sustained use of cyberweapons, according to participants in the program.”

Iran: Interim Nuclear Agreement and Talks on a Comprehensive Accord
“On November 24, 2013, Iran and the six powers that have negotiated with Iran about its nuclear program since 2006 (the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Russia, China, and Germany-collectively known as the “P5+1”) finalized an interim agreement (“Joint Plan of Action,” JPA) requiring Iran to freeze many aspects of its nuclear program in exchange for relief from some international sanctions.”

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How Powerful Is Iran?

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