Iranian Musicians Death Has Strange Ties To Freemasonry

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A tragic killing of two members of the up-and-coming band The Yellow Dogs and a fellow musician, by a man known as Ali Akbar Mohammadi Rafie described as suffering from severe mental illness whose transition from Iran to the Brooklyn had been a difficult one. Playing this type of music and escaping Iran is difficult enough, but add in this weird twist to make things more bizarre. The pair of brothers were also political refugee’s and had just achieved political asylum in the United States.

Here are a few interesting statements,

In the weeks before the shooting, his isolation seemed to deepen into something more troubling. He messaged friends, jabbering erratically about the Freemasons and mysterious packages they had ordered him to deliver around Manhattan, said Rodin Hamidi, an Iranian filmmaker who spoke to friends who received the messages. His mother contacted friends in the United States, worrying that Mr. Rafie seemed unstable.

IranMasonOne of five people who survived, has shed more light on Rafie’s mental state, telling the New York Times that the shooter was ranting about a paranoid conspiracy theory in his final moments. According to Hosseini, as he confronted his former Free Keys bandmate, “He said, ‘You had a plan to bring me here and put me in a band, but you did it just to bring me here and fix me with a group of Freemasonry,’ ” claiming he was being groomed for a secret mission to blow up a government building in New York.

Mr. Rafie posted a photo of a rifle on Facebook and seemed to threaten Anthony Azar, the bassist who had replaced him in the Free Keys, Mr. Khosravani did not alert the others, assuming it was a joke.

It remained unclear how Mr. Rafie acquired the gun, a .308-caliber rifle of Spanish manufacture, which the police have traced to a store in upstate New York that went out of business in 2006, five years before Mr. Rafie arrived, Mr. Kelly said.

In Iran, Freemasons have been historically been considered agents of Great Britain.




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