Inspiring Change


We Are Change Colorado | The Rundown Live911-truther-interrupts-super-bowl-press-conference

This last Sunday a fellow member of We Are Change NYC , Matthew Mills, was able to get past the military like security of the Super Bowl and get in front of a world wide live television audience.

He stormed the MVP press conference and took the mic from Malcolm Lewis and bluntly stated “Investigate 9/11! 9/11 was perpetrated by people in our own government.” Dropped the mic and walked away.

Inspiring Change

So Bruce Baumann and Kris Custer decided to go and see what people in Denver thought about this, what they think about Donald Rumsfeld reporting 2.3 Trillion Dollars missing the day before 9/11 or about WTC Building #7 which fell at free fall speed at 5:20 in the afternoon without being hit by a plane or have sufficient fire damage to constitute it falling that way.