Injured driver robbed after crash in Detroit

DETROIT (WJBK) –Video shows despicable behavior, witnesses to a brutal crash on Detroit’s east side robbing the wounded driver.  Some people called 911 for help, but others just helped themselves.”This guy came up to him and just like started patting his pockets and stuff and shaking him.  They like robbed him,” a witness said.”He probably stole like $7,000 to $10,000 from him, a cell phone, like a brand new Rolex.  Like he stole his gun, too, and just walked off.”

Witnesses said this went on for more than half an hour while EMS crews were en route.

Police said the driver of the BMW was shot in the head by his passenger.

“So he shot him and rolled out the car like some movie star scene stuff and then got to running,” the witness explained.

The driver lost control and hit a 56-year-old man walking nearby.

The driver and the pedestrian are at Henry Ford Hospital in critical condition.  The passenger is still on the loose.