In The News Today: Pretty Much Everything Ron Paul Told Us In September 6, 1984 Speech.


The Rundown Live | Kristan T. Harris

Ron Paul warns all of us about the surveillance state in congress in 1984. He made passionate speech and I will let you decide for yourself if he was right.

Watch this short video of Ron Paul recorded on September 6, 1984. No one listened then are we ready to listen now?

It’s now common knowledge that federal government computers are routinely used to compare lists…

Computer surveillance seems appropriate for 1984, and unfortunately,the wave of the future.

Millions of tax dollars are spent on this type of computer surveillance.

A disgusting procedure for a professed free society.

The irony is that it’s done by an administration that brags about its limited government philosophy.

And the little condemnation we hear comes from those that would involve government in every jot and tittle of our economic lives.

Why is it that it’s so difficult to defend freedom consistently across the board?



  • truelitistnot

    All truth-tellers are deemed enemies and crazies in a world of tyranny.