Illuminati Members Explain Their Beliefs in Vintage Newspaper Articles

Illuminati - Evening star January 21,1922

Kristan T. Harris | The Rundown Live

IlluminatiTheBemidjidailypioneer1912MinnesotaskinnyI recently unearthed vintage news articles from The Bemidji Daily Pioneer in Minnesota and the Washington Herald from 1912 and 1917. These publications discuss the belief system of the Illuminati.

The Herald was eventually absorbed by the Washington Post in 1954 and The Bemidji Daily Pioneer is still in existence today.

The Bemidji Daily Pioneer published an article on October 12, 1912 titled, the Illuminati, that discusses the belief system of the secret society and how it is comparable to the modern-day (1912) “liberal freethinker”.

The Illuminati would be called in these days “Rationalists,” or “Freethinkers,’ or “Liberals.”, the Minnesota daily newspaper claims.

The Illuminati “claimed that truth, and the proofs of it, were internal, to be found in the reason and conscience, rather than in the outer works of things such as creeds, forms and acts.”

The article quotes poet and play writer Mathew Arnold stating that the Illuminati was “Tinged with emotion” due to the organizations combination of “rationalism and mysticism“.

Mathew Arnold was an important inspiration to Illuminati member Arthur Galton in history, who was a nephew of Sir Francis Galton (Father of Eugenics), also a member of the Illuminati branch of freemasonry.

galtonafrica-chinese-1In February of 1844, Sir Francis Galton was initiated into freemasonry at the so-called Scientific lodge, held at the Red Lion Inn in Cambridge, according to the records of the United Grand Lodge of England.

Later in his life the ‘father of eugenics’ Sir Francis Galton wrote a letter to The Telegraph newspaper advocating that they utilize the Chinese people to develop the Africa.

In the letter, he expresses disgust for various races but praises the ‘order loving’ Chinese.

They ‘possess an extraordinary instinct for political and social organization’, and ‘a remarkable aptitude for a high material civilization.’, claimed Galton.

He went on to describe the Chinese as being ‘good-tempered, frugal, industrious, saving, commercially inclined, and extraordinarily prolific.’.

In 1917 the Washington Herald printed an article titled ‘Illuminati members Explain Their Beliefs’ that demonstrates the organizations commitment to the “great plan” and “singularity”.