Illegal Lemonade – Lemonade Freedom Day, 2013 Philadelphia, PA

“The final step in a police state is shutting down the kids lemonade stands.”

On Saturday August 10th 2013 WeAreChange CT ventured down to Philadelphia PA to cover Lemonade Freedom Day hosted by Robert Fernandes. Steven Boutelle covered the majority of this footage of Robert Fernandes (along with other activists) speaking to a variety of pedestrians for the reason why this demonstration of selling lemonade without a permit is important, current reports of police shutting down children’s lemonade stands, as well as how it pertains to the symbolic nature of freedom and taking a stand against asinine laws. A portion of Jeff Durkin’s Ustream footage of Robert explaining the recent news articles he wrote regarding the police shutting down permit-less lemonade stands was used for this video as well.

Other activist such as Christopher Cantwell, Bryant Amper, Mike Salvi, Eddie Free, Jose Wales, Nicholas “Voluntaryist” Shankin, were also there to show their support and solidarity.

For additional footage check out the Ustream of the event:

To find out more about Lemonade Freedom Day visit their website:

Be sure to check out past Lemonade Freedom Day events on their YouTube channel:

Footage & Edit: Steve Boutelle
Additional Footage: Jeff Durkin

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