Hypocrisy: U.S. ‘Strongly Condemns’ & Finances Egypt Violence

Andrew Demeter

I just finished reading an NBC article entitled, “White House: U.S. ‘Strongly Condemns’ Egypt Violence”.

When I first took a whiff of this headline, I had to chuckle because – anyone out of touch with the mainstream media, reality TV, the ‘Royal Baby’, or Kim Kardashian may, in fact, know that – the Obama Administration has been sending money, to the tune of $1.5B per year – under the guise of ‘aid’ – to the Egyptian government. It is an outright farce of federal PR foreplay. The issue that arises concerns the two-sided battlefield of the Middle East; on the one hand, the Egyptian military and government and, on the opposite, the Muslim Brotherhood. Embedded within this model of government reside members of the Brotherhood. So, the Obama Administration is either advertently or inadvertently financing these battles’ controlled opposition at the expense of taxpayer money and innocent civilians. The White House is inciting the very provocateurs they claim to be condemning.

“The violence will only130814150552-18-egypt-0814-horizontal-gallery make it more difficult to move Egypt forward on a path to lasting stability and democracy…”

The American government is utilizing democratic subterfuge as justification for intervention into Egypt; setting ablaze the Constitution and Bill of Rights while siphoning gasoline into the fuel tanks of both the War on Terror and abrasion of civil liberties. Democracy is often synonymous to liberty and justice, ‘an equal voice for all,’ when – truth be told – it is far from utopian; the minority is sidelined, suppressed. Government must halt its omnipresence; its assumption of the role of God, for it does not reserve the right to regulate the world’s affairs. Instead of expanding to and concentrating on dealings abroad, the government should focus its energy on domestic matters.

“We call on the government to respect basic human rights such as freedom of peaceful assembly and due process under the law…”

Shouldn’t we, the people, be the lab rats and guinea pigs of ‘radical constitutionalism’, especially when our own due process of law and habeas corpus is endangered vis-à-vis the National Defense Authorization Act? Before Obama pulls the strings abroad to the proverbial marionette of Egypt, shall we try to sort out our own legislative-constitutional discrepancies?

“We urge all parties in Egypt to refrain from violence and resolve their differences peacefully…”130629121551-09-egypt-protest-horizontal-gallery

Peace? That is irrational, because peace is not profitable! U.S. banks are monetarily sponsoring the Egyptian government and military, meanwhile the U.S. government is funding the Brotherhood. Both sides of the battlefield are staged, they are actors for hire; subservient pawns of the elite. But, instead of filmic special effects, the bloodshed is legitimate. Wars are fought between bankster mafias and corrupt politicians, not people.

“Obama was briefed this morning on the violence – which has left at least 149 dead and over 1,400 injured…the president is ‘closely monitoring what’s happening’ while he vacations in Massachusetts.”

I am quite certain the POTUS is glued to his Blackberry…babysitting every mainstream print outlets’ unfolding updates on the various casualties overseas, due to his own administration’s intentional perpetuation of war, while he is teeing off at Martha ’s Vineyard!

This article, like too many others, is paragon of ‘Problem, Reaction, Solution’ tactics executed by the government. Firstly, the government fabricated a ‘problem’ pertinent to the American people and relevant to the political climate. Secondly, the public ‘reacts’ in a manner desired by the government. Thirdly, the government pens a ‘solution’, generally indicative of legislation (commonly unconstitutional), uncompromising ‘national security’ agencies, or the pickpocketing of taxpayers. The predominance of Americans unquestioningly submit to these measures with the failing belief that words on paper will miraculously prevent the situation from happening again.

It is all a charade, boys and girls…a nightmare that even the mightiest pinch cannot wake us from.