Did a Race of Humans Have Horns?

Kristan T. Harris | The Rundown Live

Helenwood, TNDid a race of humans with horns protruding from their skulls once roam this planet? Fantastic articles cataloged at the Library of Congress website combine credible institutions and scientists to remarkable skeletal discoveries.

The Bismarck tribune on August 10, 1921, published an article that workers over at Keene-Strunk coal company unearthed a horned human skeleton of ‘giant’ size equipped with a beautiful chain:

“Work men on the Keene-Strunk Coal company at Helenwood, Scott county, have found buried in the earth and petrified a giant six feet four inches tall. Imbedded in the one-time flesh about his neck is a beautiful chain. The fingers are perfect with long tapering nails. The hands are folded across the breast. On either side of its head are two horns each about four inches in length. It’s weight is about 450 pounds.

The miners removed it from the earth and carried it to Helenwood, where it was put on exhibition.” Proven false by Andrew White. It was a statue, not a giant human skeleton.

Another incredible article I found was from the Minneapolis Journal, dated August 08, 1903. A discovery in Oregon of a “human skeleton with horns attached to the skull” resulted in much attention from scientists belonging to the Smithsonian Institution.

“However, it is a fact well known to anatomists that horny excrescences upon the face and body of human subjects are by no means rare, and were also known to the ancients.”, one scientist said.

“That woodland deity, the Satyr, depicted with goat like ears, budding horns and a short tail, did not grow all together by imagination of the ancients either as to horns or tail.”

According to Smithsonian scientists “among collected examples of human grown horns in a medical museum in London, there is one eleven inches long and two and a half inches in circumference.”


Sixty-eight skeletons of men averaging to be seven feet tall, some with horns one inch long were found in Chemung, New York:


He was seven feet in height. Horns protruded from his skull. His name (given him by his party) is “pithecanththropes erectus” . Perhaps he was an indian, perhaps not. At the age of thirty-five he was a tottering old gentleman: at forty or earlier he usually died. Conjure up your imagination a race of people 700 years old. Draw a mental picture of one of them. Make him seven feet tall and of perfect physique. Let him be strong but ignorant. (assumption).. Make him one of a race which at 35 years was growing old and which at 40 was near death. Finally give him horns about an inch long, protruding from his skull about two inches above the ears. Such a man there was once and no further from Elmira than what is now the Murray farm in Sayre.



human-horns-383x500The New York Daily News recently published an article about a lady who was over 100 years old and sprouted a goat-like horn. Many people in history also have been depicted with horns. Some to signify power and brilliance like Michelangelo’s statue of Moses, and others for deception like Satan.

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