How Watching TV Can Save Your Relationship

Is binge watching bad if it’s with another person? Here’s why ‘Netflix and chill’ with a significant other is good for your relationship!

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Why TV Is Better For Your Relationship Than You Think
“Do you look forward to binge-watching the new season of Orange is the New Blackor Game of Thrones with your significant other? It’s possible that this guiltypleasure could be good for your relationship.”

Feelings Of Loneliness, Depression Linked To Binge-Watching Television
“It seems harmless: getting settled in for a night of marathon session for a favorite TV show, like House of Cards. But why do we binge-watch TV, and can it really be harmless? A recent study has found that the more lonely and depressed you are, the more likely you are to binge-watch.”

Have You Ever ‘Binge Cheated’ On Your Partner? Hi-Tech ‘Commitment Rings’ Will Only Let You Watch New Episodes With Your Partner
“Over 28 million people have committed Netflix infidelity by watching an episode without their partner.
To help couples stay faithful, a British ice cream brand has designed a set of rings that block access to shows unless the two are watching them together.”


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