How Often Are Oil Spills Covered Up?


Massive oil spills occur every year and many go unreported. Find out why the biggest energy companies are keeping these spills secret, and how they get away with it.

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Counting the Cost: Corporations and Human Rights Abuses in the Niger Delta
“The past decade in the Delta has brought brutal government crackdowns, the rise of armed groups and a multiplicity of intense conflicts. While primary responsibility for human rights violations falls on the Nigerian government and other perpetrators, Shell has played an active role in fuelling conflict and violence in a variety of forms.”

Shell to Pay $83 Million Settlement for Nigeria Oil Spills

Telltale Rainbow Sheens Reveal Thousands Of Unreported Oil Spills In The Gulf

Chinese Oil Spill Half The Size Of London Went Unreported For A Month

Recent and Historic Oil Spills at Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument

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Where Does Our Oil Come From?

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